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The service was homely and hospitable. We were served by a friendly, welcoming attentive staff, Highly recommended this breakfast spot for Riverside. The menu is huge, and every item we received was SCRUMPTIOUS.


Classic good eating if you want to experience a nice old-fashioned diner and enjoy anything on the menu come on down to Flo's! Bring your granny bring your uncle it doesn't matter you can even bring your neighbor they will not be mad at at you !!


It's is absolutely the best cafe. Even more, best restaurant in Riverside. First of all, the food is so fresh and so Grammas best food, the kind that you just couldn't wait until you got to Grammas cooking


Extremely good food! Everything I've ever had here has been delicious! Me and my wife just ate here and our bill was only $30! And the portions were huge. Such an amazing place to eat for breakfast. Love it.


Friendly, fast service! Even when they're extremely busy, and they do get there, they still are customer oriented. Pretty accurate with wait times. Usually fast seating at the counter, even when the rest is packed.



Excellent food and excellent service. Other customers very friendly had a few conversations. Recommend to anyone, I will return.

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